She Grows Co

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Hi, I'm Sarah

My farming journey began as a child. My sisters and I operated the Four Sister’s Produce Stand, growing and selling tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and melons. 

2021 was my first foray into flowers. I grew them for the joy they bring me, to give away to others, and with the hope of a business in the future…

I started my first little seedlings in the laundry room, and watched in wonder as they sprouted and grew. 

To my delight, they did really well. I learned which flowers grew best for me and continued experimenting with some new varieties. 

In 2023, after a couple years of experimenting I sold flowers to a local flower shop.

The process of cutting and counting them gave me a better idea of how many stems my garden produces.

As I planned my garden for 2024, I realized that the last few years have prepared me to offer these flowers to others.

As 2024 begins I am excited to begin She Grows Co and offer my beautiful and unique flowers to you!

My Vision for She Grows CO


All my flowers are grown by me, in my garden, right here in Farmington, Missouri.


I've decided to keep my costs low so that they are acessible to everyone.


Imagine a fresh batch of beautiful, diverse flowers... every week!

Unique Flowers

The flowers I cultivate are not your average grocery-store or garden variety.